How to create a VirtualBox Ubuntu LTSP Thin Client

1. Create a new Virtual Machine using Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • Download and Install VirtualBox on your computer from
  • Click on the "New" button at the top of the VirtualBox Manager window. A wizard will pop up to guide you through setting up a new virtual machine (VM): 


2. Enter a name for your new Virtual Machine Thin Client.


3. Give your New Virtual Machine between 512 MB and 1 GB of RAM.


4. De-select the 'Boot Hard Disk' option as the Thin Client will boot over the network.

  • Click Next and ignore the Warning Message that follows by clicking Continue, and Finish.‚Äč


5. Set your VirtualBox Thin Client to PAE boot from the network LTSP server.

  • Your VM is now created, but before we can boot the thin client, we need to modify a few things.
  • Click on Settings for you new VM and select the system tab on the left.
  • Under Boot Order - De-select all other Boot devices except the Network or move it to the top of the Boot Order.


6. Change the network settings of your VirtualBox Thin Client

  • Click on Settings for you new VM and select the network tab on the left. 
  • Modify your network settings as needed.
  • IMPORTANT: Select the Advanced settings and make sure you select the PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973) as the adaptor type. This adaptor is PAE boot enabled, the default adaptor not.



7. Boot you VirtualBox Ubuntu LTSP Thin Client.

  • Start you new VM and if you have a running LTSP server configured on your network you should be able to connect and login.
  • Examples of the default Ubuntu LDM login screen and Ubuntu 11.04 LTSP server running thin client with Unity 2D below. 



Thank you! I could not figure

Thank you! I could not figure out why I couldn't boot from my LTSP.. Had the adapter type set wrong!